Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2011

Yikes, it has been a year since I last posted! Quite a bit has happened, but luckily nothing major. We were able to go to Michigan last summer and visit everyone. That was awesome! I am already missing everyone again. I miss 'my' church. I have tried several churches here and found a couple that are okay. But they just aren't home. It is really hard to find a home church when they don't even have the same denomination here. We made it through the holidays just fine. I was even done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping before my birthday! Now that was an accomplishment for me. I usually am up late on Christmas eve wrapping the presents that I bought that week. LOL

Well, it is February 2011 already. Maggi got to play in the snow for the first time today. She liked it, but it was cold. I will upload a couple of pictures. Maggi is in speech therapy. She is starting to talk more. She also uses sign language. She is growing well. I have to have her gait (the way she walks) checked. Her right foot turns in when she walks or runs.

Saira is doing really well. Her reading has improved greatly! She is learning how to sew right now. She is working on her spelling too. Our next obstacle is math.

Alec just turned 16 years old. He has been a huge help with everything lately. He has been driving his truck around a few places and also the vans getting in practice.

Marcus is ........... well Marcus. LOL. He made 15th prestige on Call of Duty Black Ops. He will be 18 this summer. I am not sure what his plans are. I am not even sure he knows.

Justin is trying to get into Vista College. The policy is that they don't accept homeschool graduates, so we have gone back and forth a few times. The local people here are trying to find a way to get him in anyway. They had me bring in his homeschool diploma to make a copy of it. So, now we are waiting again. If they still don't accept it, then he will have to get his GED.

Marty is still trying to get his Social Security Disability to get approved. He was denied for the second time. Now we have to get a lawyer and have a hearing. Hopefully then it will get approved. He is in pain all of the time. He has to get up around 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning to take pain pills so that when he gets up later he isn't in so much pain. He also has other issues that I am not going to put on here for everyone to know. He is getting depressed and stressed about the whole process of the SSD claim. So please pray for him.

Me, well, I guess I am like Marcus, I am just me. I keep going back to the doctor over and over trying to get my thyroid under control. I am really tired of being so overweight and tired and depressed. I feel like I have gotten farther from God than I would like to be. I still pray, but I haven't been studying the word lately. Please pray for me. I am going to try to work on that more.

We still have good ole Rolex. I put him on a diet and he is doing so much better. He was up to almost 40lbs! The last time I checked he was down to 26lbs. He is supposed to weigh 20-22lbs. So, he is doing good.

We got another pup. Her name is Breitling. Yep, still with the watch names. I got her for my husband for Christmas. She is English Bulldog. She is definitely a cutie and a good fit for our family.

My Zodi, we found a new home for. She just wanted to play so much, and nobody here really wanted much to do with her. She was a good dog, though. I found her a home where they had another dog, and they loved her. The two dogs got along great! So, I am happy she is someplace where she can be happy too!

Well, we are hoping to make it to Michigan again this year, but not sure if we can swing it financially. Our income tax return is less than we were hoping for. So, that will make a big difference. So, you can pray for that too. Please! I wanna see everyone again.

I will add a few pictures for you to see, and I hope you like them.

In Christ,

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