Friday, February 26, 2010

February 2010 already and almost March

Wow, time is flying like crazy. Maggie is already 10 months old. Pretty soon she will be one! She feeds herself, walks, plays, throws tantrums, you would think she is already a toddler.
We went back and saw Justin's hip doctor. He wasn't so optimistic this time. AFter reading all of the reports of Justin's previous surgeries, he is concerned about the amount of scar tissue. So, right now Justin is leaning towards not having another surgery. He has 'graduated' homeschool. He is looking for a job. He is looking forward to getting his driving permit this summer, when he turns 18. He will begin taking classes at the community college this fall.
Marcus is doing good. Alec is doing good. He wants to get a job and drivers permit, but all in due time.
Saira is doing really well with her school. I think her reading has progressed about 4 grade levels this year. She was behind because of the speech issues, so now it is all coming together nicely. She is currently reading Twilight.
Marty has applied for Social Security Disability. His pain is just unbearable. If he doesn't get up at 3 or 4 in the morning and take a pain pill, then he wakes up in a lot of pain and it is hard to get out of bed. If he does anything - even washing his jeep or lifting a box, he is in pain even more pain for the next few days.
We have another boxer. We named her Zodi after our other Zodiac that ran away and got hit. I will have to add a picture of her. Rolex is still Rolex and my husband tries hard not to over feed him, but he just can't help himself. lol