Friday, April 25, 2008

R.I.P. Zodiac.....

Well, with everywhere that I put our name and number out - I did hear about Zodi. It wasn't a call I wanted and I never want to get a call like that again. It is like a punch in your gut. A gentleman called and said that he worked on I-80 where we lost Zodi, he had taken her body off the interstate a few days before. He knew it was her from her 2 collars that she was wearing. I pray that she went quick. It is bad enough knowing that she was out there alone, but it keeps going through my mind that she suffered. I feel like a real heal! I should have spent more time looking for her.....or something.........

bye bye Zodi - you were a beautiful dog and I do miss you!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, Iowa was quite the trip......

My grandma with my dad.
My grandma Sarah with my daughter Saira.
Bye bye Zodi. My mom and dad and aunt and uncle with my grandma.

We left Friday and went to Iowa. We took both dogs with us. When we stopped at a rest area in Iowa about an hour or so from Des Moines, Zodiac decided to bolt. She took off and we couldn't find her. We looked and hollered for over an hour and then it started getting dark so we had to get going. We went on to see my grandma. She is holding her own medically. Mentally she isn't remembering a lot of things. She is very small and frail now. On Sunday on our way home we stopped at the same rest area to try to find her, but still no luck. So, please pray that she found a home or someone that took her in. We did contact a lot of the farms and homes in the area and left her name and our number and name. I even contacted the humane society in that county and the surrounding ones. So, bye bye Zodi - we miss you.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Prayer request please....

Hi there. We are on our way to Iowa to see my grandmother. She is 92 and has pneumonia. We will be back on Sunday. So, pray for safe travels. Marty's friend Stan passed away this last weekend. So, it has been one of those weeks! We found a hotel in Iowa that allows dogs - so we are taking them with us. The only highlight - the hotel also has a pool. I will try to get a couple of pictures and post when we get back.